City Ordinances

The City of Flowood diligently works to keep the ordinance postings on this website up to date. However, all ordinances are subject to amendment, and to ensure that no amendments have been made to these ordinances since their last posting, the City of Flowood asks anyone relying on these ordinances to visit City Hall for a hard copy of the ordinance that he or she is relying upon. Additionally, the City of Flowood shall not be responsible for any actions taken in reliance on out of date ordinances posted on this website.



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Alcohol - Qualified Resort Status Application
Alcohol - Qualified Resort Status Ordinance
Animal Control Ordinance
Animal Variance Application
Architectural Review Ordinance
Beer Permit Sales Application
Beer - Retail Sales Regulations
Building Code Adoption - Amendments 12-1-16
Erosion and Sediment Control
Fire Lane Requirements
Fire Code
Floodplain Ordinance
Fuel Storage Ordinance
Fume Hood Requirements
Horses - Keeping within City Limits Ordinance
Landscape Ordinance
Liberty Park Fee Schedule Ordinance
Logging Operation Regulations
Nuisances Ordinance
Parade, Public Assembly, and Solicitation Ordinance
Parking Ordinance
Potable Water Use Ordinance
Prohibiting Sale of Goods - Display of Goods
Retail Building, Malls Parking Requirements
Retail Building, Malls, Power Centers Setbacks Requirements
Right Of Way Construction Ordinance
Sale of Merchandise on Public Streets
Sign Ordinance
Sign Variance Application
Slot Amusement Machine Ordinance
Small Cell Tower Ordinance
Smart Growth District
Smoking Ban Ordinance
Sound Regulation Ordinance
Subdivision Regulations
Vaping / Electronic Cigarettes - Possession By Minors Ordinance
Water Sewer Rates
Zoning Regulations
Zoning Map - Flowood Official Zoning Map